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Diamond Logistics Northwest

Diamond Logistics Northwest


Located just off of I-90 in Quincy, Washington, Diamond Logistics mission is to improve the ease and efficiency of transporting fruit and produce from the Pacific Northwest to customers across the United States. Our twenty-seven years of industry experience provides the background and knowledge necessary to help streamline your perishables supply chain.

Our cross docking and load consolidation operations can help you reduce the number of pickups and shorten dwell times. To reduce inventory and improve the freshness of your perishables, we can help you cost effectively distribute smaller quantities for delivery to specific locations within your supply chain.

We are also strongly committed to minimizing the environmental impacts of moving fresh fruits and vegetables from our state to consumers as distant as Florida. It is indisputable that our services can reduce fossil fuel consumption and emissions. Our business model is truly sustainable: good for the planet, good for the people who work for us, good for our community and satisfied customers that keep us in business.

We want to partner with you to lower your costs and enhance your relationships with your transportation providers. We understand the challenges you face each day. Our services can make it quicker and easier to get the job done.

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